Our Fragrances

Beach - Notes of Fresh Air , Sea Salt,  Sweet Musk, Melon and Crisp Apple give that fresh ocean air feeling, creating the perfect summer scent.  

Saffron Rose - Smokey, Sophisticated, Rose

Saffron - Pink Pepper - Rose  - Oud - Smoke - Leather -  Bergamot -  Iris - Chilli - Violet - Suede - Turkish Delight- Patchouli - Vanilla - Musk

Rose but not as you know it!  This fragrances has turned the people who dont like Rose into Rose lovers!  Sophistication on steriods

Paris Nights - Woody, Smokey, Spicy

Smokey Sandalwood - Geranium - Lavender - Patchouli - Jasmine - Clove - Oud Wood - Smoke - Vetiver - Tobacco.

Imagine sitting in a leathery old armchair, in a cosy little cigar-filled jazz bar sipping fine Champagne or strolling around in the romantically famed City of Lights in the wee hours of the morning, inhaling hypnotic smoky, spicy, floral delights.

Moroccan Sunset - Woody, Smokey, Spicy

Tobacco - Vanilla - Raspberry - Orange - Tonka bean - Coriander - Pink Pepper - Musk - Cedarwood - Amber.

Jet off to Marrakesh, the land of snake charmers and more, donning your most bedazzling kaftan, soaking up the spellbinding aromas of the spice markets and leather stalls whilst admiring the majestic burnt orange sun setting over the famed Atlas Mountains.

Coconut + Lime - Citrus, Aromatic

Creamy Coconut - Lime - Lemon - Fresh Florals - Vanilla Sandalwood.

Picture yourself sipping a zesty, refreshing mojito, languidly lounging by the swimming pool or listening to the melodious lapping of waves on your dream tropical island, where coconut trees, fragrant limes and hibiscus flowers flood the land – and the senses.

Fig - Fruity, Green

Fig Leaf - Bergamot - Sap - Fig Pulp - Jasmine - Coconut - White Woods.

Wander through the fig grove at the Palace of Versailles in beautiful Spring time, with perfectly shaped, bulbous figs falling from the tree, nostalgic aromas uplifting the nostrils: think fresh fig jam, wet earth, with a hearty splash of jasmine, coconut and Earl Grey tea. This sophisticated fragrance is fit for Royalty.

French Pear - Fruity, with a touch of spice

Green apple - White lily - Osmanthus - Brandied Pears - Spice - Cinnamon - Davana - Whipped Cream - Vanilla.

Say bonjour to a deliciously fruity, French-inspired old classic. Imagine strolling the grounds of a grand Cháteau, brimming with resplendent pear and apple trees, freshly picked and transformed in to an exquisite tarte with spicy cinnamon, vanilla, a good splash of Cognac.

Lime + Basil + Mandarin - Citrus, Aromatic, Fougere

Lime Zest - Mandarin - Basil leaf - Thyme - Jasmine - Cyclamen.

Escape to the fascinating sights and delights of balmy Thailand, where fresh limes and pungent jasmine abound. Like the local cuisine, be allured by the distinct aromas of plump mandarin, classic thyme, intoxicating fougere and rare cyclamen – think woody amber, morsels of ripe melon and beyond. 

Bamboo & White Lily - Green, Fresh, Elegant

White Lily - Fresh Cut Bamboo  - Lemon - Fir Needle - Jasmine - Musk - Rose.

An uplifting bouquet of freshly cut, sweet bamboo, exotic charm, tropical jasmine, nostalgic musk and rose – and look for blooming white lily and fresh, woody fir tree hints.

Flower Shop - Floral

Cassis - Lemon - Tuberose - Jasmine - Ylang Ylang - Almond - Coconut.

Dream away to a perfectly manicured little flower shop in Amsterdam, bursting with brightly coloured, sweet-smelling blooms, ranging from romantic tuberose, spicy Jasmine and sensual, star-shaped Ylang Ylang, rounded out by spicy Dutch almond cake and dark cherry red cassis notes

White Woods - Woody, Spice, Gourmand

White Indian Sandalwood - Creamy Almond - White Musk - Cedar - Exotic Spices - Marshmallow - Cashmere - White Patchouli - Cedar - Amber.

Pop on your finest cashmere and lose yourself in the towering White Woods, where the lands of ice and fire co-exist, breathing in deeply those comforting earthy scents of Indian sandalwood, cedar and patchouli, served up with a spicy cup of chai awash with creamy almond and marshmallow.

Lodge - Citrus, Spicy

Orange - Clove Leaf - Vanilla - Tonka Bean - Leather - Patchouli - Musk.

Sink into a leather armchair fireside in one of picturesque Queenstown's Luxury Lodges sipping on a mulled wine.  Inhale the delicate bouquet of uplifting orange, spicy clove, fragrant musk and tonka bean; classic creamy vanilla and tobacco – the ultimate scent of opulence.

Spa - Fresh, Citrus

Lemon - Cardamom - Lavender - Mimosa - Heliotrope - White Woods - Musk - Tonka Bean.

Drift away to a day spa in a decadent, lavish hotel, fresh, mouthwatering mimosa in hand. Be uplifted with bright lemon or calmed with soothing lavender, SPA simply has it all.

Dulce de Leche - Gourmande - 

Butterscotch, Maple syrup, Caramel, Vanilla, Condensed Milk, Orange, Bourbon,

Soak your senses with luscious, milky butterscotch, maple syrup, caramel, vanilla, orange and sweet Bourbon.

Peach -   Fruity -  

 Peach, Coconut, Vanilla, Musk , Orange, Wild Berries, Jasmine, Freesia, 

Feel peachy keen with this distinctively fruity, spicy French-inspired number. Think peach cobbler meets clafoutis, both delicious desserts made from a juicy combo of the humble peach, with hints of freshly grated coconut, Madagascan vanilla bean, Spring flowers and look out for fresh orange.

New York - Soft Woody Leathery 

Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Ambroxan, Orris, Moss, Patchouli, Lime, Orange, Mandarin, Violet, Jasmine.

Find yourself in a crowded Speakeasy in the Upper East Side.  Cedarwood panelled walls and French Oak floors provide the perfect backdrop for an intoxicating mix of wood, spice, citrus, jasmine and violet.

Christmas Fragrances

Gingerbread -Butter, Nutmeg, Maple, Honey
 Cinnamon, Maple, Bread, Clove
Vanilla, Ginger, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Brown Sugar

Noel - a gorgeous blend of fresh green notes, orange zest, cinnamon, clove, apple, tonka, cedar & fir

White Mistletoe - Lemon blended with almond paste, nutmeg, vanilla and creamy sandalwood

Christmas Pine - A true Christmas tree fragrance, pine, sandalwood, oak-moss, amber, tonka, cashmere with a touch of blackcurrant, bergamot & wildflowers.