Introducing Founder & Nose Treena Nixon

From her earliest memories, Treena found herself drawn to the captivating world of scents. With every turn, her journey was marked by a distinct aroma - from her grandmother's orchard, to her mother's fragrant garden, the allure of Opium perfume in her teenage years, and the cherished elegance of Chanel No 5 (a gift exchanged between her parents), to the early days of fragrant peach potpourri and the warm glow of scented candles. A treasured vintage perfume bottle necklace, bestowed by her father, Harold Miller, remains a steadfast companion around Treena's neck - a serendipitous token of connection to fragrance long before her path led to the world of perfumery.

Upon witnessing candle-making in New Zealand, Treena believed that if they could craft candles, so could she. Treena embarked on her fragrance journey with unwavering dedication under the tutelage of a seasoned expert in the U.K. Formative training and certification from The Grasse Institute of Perfumery in the fragrance capitol of the world served as her foundation. An annual pilgrimage to Grasse further honed her skills, fostering relationships with some of the industry's most respected noses. Along the way, she collaborated with esteemed perfumers globally, expanding her expertise. Jo Malone, inspired her path and an encounter with the maestro herself ignited a spark within Treena to keep following her dreams. Learning from British candle artisan Rachel Vosper and natural perfumery authority Mandy Aftel further enriched Treena’s artistry. A pivotal moment arrived after a masterclass with fragrance expert and author Michael Edwards which sparked the birth of the MILLER ROAD brand in 2013.

After years of growing the business online and with incredible wholesale partners, Treena returned to France to further her studies this time staying in Mougins, a town Picasso once called home. Fate intervened once Treena returned home to Devonport when she stumbled upon the perfect store adorned with the sign "Where Art Thou Picasso." This cosmic nudge compelled her to open her inaugural Miller Road Fragrance studio in 2018.

Miller Road Fragrances has grown from creating home fragrances to providing bespoke perfume making experiences for New Zealanders and those visiting our shores. Step into the fantasy world that is a Miller Road Fragrance Studio and feel Treena’s unwavering aspiration to craft experiences that linger in the heart and senses, a testament to the power of scent.


The Miller Road Mandala

The Mandala tells the Miller Road story and can be spotted on all of the luxury range packaging.

The Miller Road Mandala depicts the essence of the brand. Firstly, the gorgeous flagship Devonport studio is surrounded by water as is the mandala. Then the beautiful backdrop of Rangitoto Island (an icon of Auckland) is shown around the outside edges of the mandala. Treena's journey and love of fragrance is shown by the roses, flower petals and droplets of fragrance oils seen throughout. Finally, the centre - Miller Road. The Miller Road mandala was created by the talented Nicky Malone at Malone Design.