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Perfume Formula Remake

Perfume Formula Remake

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Loving the fragrance you made during one of our workshops? Purchase a remake of your fragrance.

Tell us your name, your fragrance name, and the approximate date that you attended your workshop. 

Important disclaimers:

Ever-Evolving Fragrance Industry: The fragrance industry is dynamic, and ingredient availability may change. If necessary, we'll make adjustments to replicate your perfume as closely as possible.

Committed Replication: We strive to recreate your perfume exactly as you remember it. Our team diligently preserves the original formula created by you. We can only make it if you have left your formula sheet with us after your workshop.

Transparent Communication: Any significant changes required will be communicated before proceeding with your order, ensuring your satisfaction.

Maceration Time: Allow 2-3 weeks for the perfume to mature fully; it may not smell identical upon arrival. Patience will reveal the true fragrance.

We are dedicated to providing a luxury olfactory experience. For any questions or concerns, our customer support team is here to assist you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Bonnie Miranda
Love that I can order my custom perfume over and over again

I did the workshop a year ago and can’t believe I can still order it again! Easy to order and smells exactly like the original one so they definitely did keep my recipe.

Alice Gordon
So much fun

So much fun ! It was my second time but my husbands first - the staff were incredible - so helpful !
Love our perfume we made

Michelle G
The only perfume I’ll wear now

In 2022 my husband bought me a gift voucher to make my own perfume. Since then I’ve not been able to wear any other perfumes - I absolutely love having something that is so perfect for me!!

Hart rd

No problem. Found my formula in no time and reproduced next day. Very happy.

Rhonda Fawcett
re order of fragrance

easy to reorder, prompt delivery, very happy to have this handmade fragrance again.